Trusted. Authentic. Identity.

Automatic Identity Verification

An automatic identity verification platform

Authenteq is a networked automatic identity verification platform. With Authenteq ID marketplaces increase trust and transparency in communications and transactions between users. Authenteq works on just about any type of marketplace, website or online community and can be installed either with APIs or by using our plugin.

  • Certify that buyers and sellers are real and authentic!
  • Increase transparency and trust between strangers!
  • People become responsible for their online actions!

Unique Features

Secure and automatic online identification

Mobile Authentication

Users authenticate their identity with our secure mobile app.

Multiple Elements of Identity

Photo, ID, device DNA, biometric ID, social footprints and more...

Entity/Identity Binding

Additional security for verification.

User Privacy Ensured

User controls what information is shared and we don't save any sensitive information.

One Time Automatic Process

Verification takes less than 60 seconds.

Easy Integration

Easy to integrate to our partner websites via API or plugin.


Tech and Security

Proprietary and Patent Pending Technology

Quick ´n Easy

All ID verification is done automatically using our proprietary technology by comparing the user's ID and a recent photo with face recognition technology to make sure that your users are really and truly who they say they are.

Multiple Elements of Identity

We go a step (or three) further to make sure that who ever is signing up for the ID is actually the person signing up. This is done by adding multiple elements of identity to each person's Authenteq ID.

Nothing Personal Saved

People don't like the idea of someone having access to their personal information. This is why any data that is provided during the verification process is not saved directly but encrypted and can not be reversed engineered. And we never share information for marketing purposes!

Authenteq eliminates marketplace risk associated with anonymity while users retain their privacy, leading to increased trust and transparency in transactions and communications, resulting in increased user experience and higher revenue.