Automated Identity Verification & KYC

Authenteq provides an Omni-Channel identity verification and KYC solution that allows your customers to verify their identity through any channel without compromising their privacy. Our solution is fully automated and it works seamlessly throughout your desktop and mobile channels. For mobile, you can integrate our process directly into your own app through our powerful App-in-App SDK, or you can use our standalone Authenteq app. Whichever method you choose, know that our solution was built with precision on a foundation of security, usability, and attention to privacy.



Main Benefits of Identity Verification Without Compromise

Desktop & Mobile Solution

Allows your users to start and end their authentication process in the channel of their choice which reduces dropout rates.

100% Automated Process

A fully automated business process that requires no decisions on your end. We simply provide a clear Approved/Not Approved response. This reduces your internal fraud risk as well as your cost.

Identity Verification in Under 60 Seconds

A fast and frictionless identity verification that drastically reduces dropout rates.

Helps Prevent Identity Theft and Fraud

This lowers your risk exposure and fraud-related losses.

Fully GDPR Compliant

Certified GDPR compliant and built  with Privacy by Design

Easy Integration

Easy to integrate into your own website, or app, so that users always stay within your brand experience. It’s quick too! We will have you up and running in hours not weeks.

Perform KYC at Competitive Rates

Minimizes the need for costly manual intervention without increasing the verification price.

Near Instant Identity Authentication

Identity authentication takes under 3 seconds to complete.

Raises Your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Profile

Show your customers that you care about their privacy and digital security which translates into increased brand loyalty.

How Our Verification and Authentication Process Works

  • 1

    Liveness Check

    Using machine learning liveness algorithms we determine if the customer is a genuine human presence taking the selfie in real time and whether the ID document is authentic.

  • 2

    ID Scan

    Through the app customers complete the identity verification process by taking a selfie and scanning their government-issued photo ID.

  • 3

    Identity Verification

    We use government-grade facial recognition to verify the customer's identity by comparing the facial biometrics in the selfie photo and ID photo. Our accuracy rates with false non-match rates are lower than 0.01 and a false match rate of 0.0001.

  • 4

    eID Issued

    If the customer passes our verification process, we provide confirmation that the relevant aspects of the customer's identity have been verified.

The initial verification process takes under 60 seconds to complete and is 100% automated. After initial verification, any authentication takes under 3 seconds to complete.

Proprietary and Patent Pending Technology

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How Identity Verification Without Compromise Benefits Your Business

Your business benefits by having verified customers who can rest assured that their personally identifiable information (PII) is safe and not stored by Authenteq. This assurance reduces dropouts during the KYC process. With Authenteq’s solution, there is simply no “honey pot” of personal data for hackers to steal, abuse and sell.



About Us

Forged in the fiery crucible of the Icelandic startup scene, Authenteq is a company on a mission to revolutionize the identity verification and authentication business… when that’s done we have much bigger plans! We are driven by the principles of security and privacy by design. We do not compromise on our principles. We prefer dogs to cats but we love both. Our Series A funding was led by Draper Associates and Capital300 and closed in January 2019. The round closed exceptionally fast and we are already putting the funding to good use by bringing on highly talented people to support our mission. We have people in six countries, and our main offices are in Berlin, Germany and Reykjavik, Iceland. If we sound like a good fit for your next job change then go check out our open positions.

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