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Authenteq’s Identity Verification

Highlights From Our Q4 2020 Release

In late November 2019, while Tesla was busy grabbing headlines with its Cybertruck, we released a new version of our Identity Verification product. Unlike the Cybertruck, which represents a brand new product line for Tesla that is far from ready for delivery to customers, our release is an upgrade to our established Identity Verification solution and it is available for integration (purchase) today. This release is an upgrade in every way and unlike the Cybertruck, it has the looks that are easy to love. 

Best Identity Verification to-date

We have added support for even more identity verification documents, improved the accuracy of our facial recognition, further improved our best-in-class UI, and reduced the time it takes for the average end-user to pass through our process. With this new product release, we have also released a new React Native ID Verification API that makes it even easier to integrate our solution into your native applications and websites. At Authenteq we strive to be better with each release and in the immortal words of Jim Rohn: “…life does not get better by chance, it gets better by change.”

Latest Identity Verification Features:

  • Multiple Document Support: The identity verification solution now has support for multiple documents being used during onboarding.
  • More IDs Accepted: Our Automated Identity Verification Solution now accepts Drivers Licenses, Passports and National IDs from 193 countries. That is honestly a lot more countries than anyone can name even if they aced geography. 
  • Faster Verification: It now takes the average end-user less than 40 seconds to complete our identity verification process, and after the customer has passed Liveness we guarantee an Identity Verification response in 60 seconds or less.
  • Faster Integration: It takes less than three hours for a 3rd party development team to integrate our solution into their native application or website. Your team can literally complete the integration of our latest Identity Verification release before lunch tomorrow. We achieve this by assigning a dedicated integration specialist to work and builds alongside your team from start to finish.
  • Advanced Support Portal: If you ever run into problems our number one goal is to get them resolved ASAP so you can get back to making your business succeed. To help resolve issues and questions that may arise we offer all our partners access to our Advanced Support Portal where you have access to a knowledge-sharing database and where you can submit, track and evaluate all of your open support requests.
  • Proactive & Transparent Reporting: We will send you audit reports at a cadence that fits your requirements. These reports clearly show how many end-users were on-boarded and how many false identities/spoofs/incorrect credentials were blocked.

10 reasons to choose Authenteq’s Identity Verification solution over other solutions?

  1. At Authenteq we are proud to offer the best verification speeds on the market: our verification process can be completed in as little as 15 seconds and is guaranteed not to exceed 60 seconds after the customer has passed Liveness.
  2. We are fully GDPR compliant and the only ID verification provider whose solution was designed from the ground up according to the principles of Privacy by Design
  3. We offer a fully automated business process that requires no extra work on your end.
  4. We simply provide a clear Verified/Not Verified response. This helps reduce your internal fraud risk as well as your cost
  5. We offer a web-based solution built with responsive-design that works seamlessly on desktop, mobile and tablet devices.
  6. Our App-In-App SDK allows you to integrate our solution directly into your own native app, keeping your customer immersed in your brand experience
  7. We enable true identity verification, age verification and can simultaneously conduct AML, PEP, sanctions and adverse media checks
  8. We strive to make integrations as simple as possible: To get all the benefits of verifying identities with the least amount of friction, simply add a single button and a few lines of pre-generated code to your website, or integrate our out-of-the-box React Native SDK into your native app.
  9. We do not charge any setup cost for our solution
  10. We offer highly competitive per-verification prices.

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