Car-Sharing & Verified Identities

Car-sharing and Verified Identities: The Road to Safety and Success

There’s no denying the fact that car-sharing services are becoming increasingly popular. Companies like ZipCar and the German-based Flinkster, are popping up all over the world.   Whether renting by the hour or by the day, car-sharing is growing at an exponential rate and expanding to more and more countries and cities every year. It is quite possible that we are seeing the beginning of the end of the personal automobile.

The very nature of car-sharing involves a great deal of trust both on the part of the company as well as the customers. Car-sharing companies have to provide account setup and car rental online, without any face-to-face interaction, but they need to ensure that people using their vehicles are who they say they are and eligible to drive (i.e have a valid driver’s license). Similarly, customers need to know that the vehicles they’re driving are safe and dependable.  All in all, trust and safety are two of the most important factors in car-sharing and both are required to provide the customer and the company with a positive experience that leads to a lasting relationship.

Naturally, people choose providers whom they trust, especially in the car-sharing industry, and to get people’s trust, you must demonstrate that you care about their privacy and their security. Implementing an ID verification solution increases trust in your platform in several ways:

  • People feel more secure knowing that the platform they are renting a vehicle from is only used by people who have also had their real-life identity verified.
  • Real-world identity verification reduces the likelihood of your assets being used for criminal or fraudulent behavior, which reduces the likelihood of negative press being associated with your vehicles and your brand.
  • Real-world identity verification means people will treat your vehicles better, extending their lifetime and decreasing the likelihood of people operating a vehicle that has been made unsafe through misuse.

Additionally, by picking a privacy-by-design focused ID verification solution you demonstrate to your customers, that you care about their privacy. The result is a strong value statement that can be turned into a competitive differentiator. In an increasingly competitive market, this edge can make all the difference.

ID Verification for car-sharing industry

Research has shown that when people understand that their real-world identity is known they behave more responsibly. When a verified real-life identity is attached to a digital identity, regular people behave more responsibly. That benefit aside, requiring a real identity to be associated with an account is not attractive to criminals and fraudsters. In Authenteq’s solution, the physical presence of the holder of the ID document is verified in addition to the document itself. This means fraudsters cannot use stolen documents to pass our process.

When you remove the ability to use manufactured digital identities, or stolen but real identity documents, committing crime or fraud on the platform simply becomes highly unattractive to criminals who will look elsewhere for an easier score.

The sharing economy is growing every day, but it will be significantly slowed without the ability of car-sharing companies to counter criminal activity by implementing thorough identity verification.  Authenteq’s ID Verification API is a fully automated process that can verify identity in under 60 seconds guaranteed, helping to prevent identity theft and fraud in car-sharing. This technology is vital to stemming the tide of criminal activity that has affected car-sharing companies and to maintain trust and safety among the customers, companies, and investors.

How does Authenteq’s ID verification solution fit your story?

Authenteq provides a fully automated real-life identity verification, scanning an individual’s real-life identity documents and using government-grade facial recognition to match their government-issued ID with a selfie that they supply. We use a “liveness” check to ensure that the selfie is of a real individual taken in real-time, allowing us to verify and match that person’s real-life identity with their proffered identity documents. Authenteq’s ID Verification API is easy to integrate into your own website or native app. This allows you to maintain your company’s brand within the customer’s experience. Authenteq’s quick and easy ID verification process provides you with the ability to ensure the safety of your vehicles and your customers while not burdening your customers with an arduous verification process.

Car-sharing businesses choose Authenteq for fast GDPR compliant identity verification and authentication that is built on the principles of Privacy-By-Design. Our identity verification is guaranteed to take less than 60 seconds, most people manage to verify their identity in 20-40 seconds and an elite few even manage it in 10 seconds flat. If those verification speeds are faster than you expected, you are not alone.

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