Main Benefits of Identity Verification Without Compromise

Desktop & Mobile Solution

Allows your users to start and end their authentication process in the channel of their choice which reduces dropout rates.

100% Automated Process

A fully automated business process that requires no decisions on your end. We simply provide a clear Approved/Not Approved response. This reduces your internal fraud risk as well as your cost.

Identity Verification in Under 60 Seconds

A fast and frictionless identity verification that drastically reduces dropout rates.

Helps Prevent Identity Theft and Fraud

This lowers your risk exposure and fraud-related losses.

Fully GDPR Compliant

Certified GDPR compliant and built  with Privacy by Design

Easy Integration

Easy to integrate into your own website, or app, so that users always stay within your brand experience. It’s quick too! We will have you up and running in hours not weeks.

Perform KYC at Competitive Rates

Minimizes the need for costly manual intervention without increasing the verification price.

Near Instant Identity Authentication

Identity authentication takes under 3 seconds to complete.

Raises Your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Profile

Show your customers that you care about their privacy and digital security which translates into increased brand loyalty.