An automated identity verification platform

Authenteq is an automated identity verification and privacy platform which enables users to verify their identity and create their own sovereign digital IDs which are stored encrypted in a blockchain. Any personal user information is user-owned and user-controlled, and not accessible by anyone, including us. With an Authenteq ID, users can choose to verify their identity, or parts of their identity to third parties using our claims verification API.

We support both KYC implementations and identity claim verifications. The initial signup process takes under 60 seconds and is 100% automated, unless the user already has an Authenteq ID in which case it takes under 3 seconds to verify, all without needing a password.

Authenteq benefits almost any type of online service, whether it’s an online marketplace, online betting, financial service and recently ICO (Initial Coin Offering) or token sales.
Best of all, integration is fast and simple with either APIs or by using our plugin.


  • Verify that your users really are who they say they are
  • Prevent fraud by repeat offenders
  • Lower fraud and related costs