How Our Verification and Authentication Process Works

  • 1

    Liveness Check

    Using machine learning liveness algorithms we determine if the customer is a genuine human presence taking the selfie in real time and whether the ID document is authentic.

  • 2

    ID Scan

    Through the app customers complete the identity verification process by taking a selfie and scanning their government-issued photo ID.

  • 3

    Identity Verification

    We use government-grade facial recognition to verify the customer's identity by comparing the facial biometrics in the selfie photo and ID photo. Our accuracy rates with false non-match rates are lower than 0.01 and a false match rate of 0.0001.

  • 4

    eID Issued

    If the customer passes our verification process, we install a digital certificate on the customer’s phone. Then we hash and store the customer’s information in a private/permissioned cryptographic ledger.

The initial verification process takes under 60 seconds to complete and is 100% automated. After initial verification, any authentication takes under 3 seconds to complete.

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