How Our Verification and Authentication Process Works

  • 1

    Liveness Check

    Using machine learning liveness algorithms we determine if the customer is a genuine human presence taking the selfie in real time and whether the ID document is authentic.

  • 2

    ID Scan

    Through the app customers complete the identity verification process by taking a selfie and scanning their government-issued photo ID.

  • 3

    Identity Verification

    We use government-grade facial recognition to verify the customer's identity by comparing the facial biometrics in the selfie photo and ID photo. Our accuracy rates with false non-match rates are lower than 0.01 and a false match rate of 0.0001.

  • 4

    eID Issued

    If the customer passes our verification process, we provide confirmation that the relevant aspects of the customer's identity have been verified.

The initial verification process takes under 60 seconds to complete and is 100% automated. After initial verification, any authentication takes under 3 seconds to complete.

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