Secure Access

I Work Here, I Swear! Secure Access With Identity Verification

Traditional office buildings are so early 2000s. People are fed up with the stuffy corporate layout of cubicles and corner offices, not to mention how costly it can be to rent out an entire office floor for your business. More and more businesses are turning to shared office spaces such as WeWork, which have new locations popping up in all major cities. It feels like you can’t turn a street corner without running into one of these ubiquitous dens of freelancers and startups (and we love it)!

The shared office space industry is growing exponentially, aided by the millennial trend toward flexibility and freedom at work. The industry is full of companies competing not only in terms of price and location but also on the level of services and security they offer. For many millennial workers, it’s not even the flexibility that draws them to the allure of shared office space. It’s the free access to all the office perks, whether it is free organic coffee and snacks or free beers. And aside from all the swag, shared office spaces offer access to office supplies as well as creative common spaces and meeting rooms.

Cheating The System

There’s a lot that a membership to a shared office space gives you access to, and this makes it a ripe target for fraudsters. These services are free for those who pay for their membership, but there are many situations where that membership is being taken advantage of. Some members cheat the system by sharing one card between multiple people, and often times the person holding that membership card isn’t actually the person entitled to use the space. While it may not seem like it would be a big deal to the other members, people who work out of a shared office should know that the people who they’re sharing the office with are the ones who legitimately have access to it. It is a well-known fact after all that if people are acting under their own known identity they behave better.

Fraudsters will find their way into anything, whether it’s by sneaking into a secure shared office space or by hacking into the systems that let visitors check-in and get access badges. Researchers from IBM released a report earlier this year finding that some of these devices have hidden flaws that reduce the security of those office buildings that use them. If the security of an office is vulnerable, hackers and fraudsters will always find a way to exploit it. This can ruin the safe space for everyone else and open them up to potential theft, vandalism, and even industrial espionage.

Being in a shared office space involves a certain level of trust. Everyone who’s there has supposedly paid a membership to be there and supplied identity documents to prove who they are, and that makes you feel a lot more comfortable leaving your laptop behind for a minute to use the restroom. But if you can’t trust that your fellow workers are who they say they are, then the office space becomes a place of fear and mistrust. It’s clear that a solution is needed to ensure the security of these locations and keep out malevolent fraudsters.

Identity Verification Says: You Shall Not Pass! Secure Access.

The key to verifying the identity of the people coming and going from a building is to first establish their identity through real-time identity verification. Authenteq’s identity verification solution involves the use of both physical documentation and biometric information to ensure that the person is who they say they are. Authenteq uses government-grade facial recognition technology to analyze a selfie taken in real-time and match it with the person’s identity document. We also perform a liveness check on the selfie to ensure it’s of a real person and taken in real-time. Our technology is advanced enough to accurately verify identity in less than 60 seconds guaranteed. Once the identity has been established it can be authenticated on-demand at any time using our Selfie Authentication which takes less than 3 seconds.

Real-time identity verification solutions are a perfect fit to prevent fraudsters from entering the office. This allows for better overall security in the office to protect workers from potential theft or vandalism. It also helps the office operator by potentially lowering staff costs. You won’t need 24/7/365 reception and security staff if you know exactly who is visiting your office at any given time. Effective identity verification allows you to keep out bad actors.

And it’s not just shared office spaces that can benefit from real-time identity verification. Authenteq’s technology is a safe and secure option that works just as well for any type of entrance security, whether it’s a high-end apartment building or your local gym. Authenteq provides an easy solution for access control and added security to the premises by making sure that the people entering are who they claim to be.

When you go to work you shouldn’t have to worry about fraudsters cheating the system and taking your stuff. You should be able to enjoy the freedom and flexibility of shared office space and networking opportunities with other creative individuals who have paid to be there. As a company offering office space as a service you need to ensure that you can provide just such an environment and real-time identity verification and identity authentication is the way to do that.

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