Identity Verification

Just Verify and Go! — Identity Verification Can Be The “Fast Pass” For Any Big Event

Ed Sheeran’s ÷ (Divide) Tour recently set a record for the highest-grossing concert tour of all time ($736,700,000) and the most tickets sold for a concert tour (8,150,684). The popularity of live events is nothing new. Since the dawn of time, live entertainment has been drawing big crowds. The reason is simple, live events move something within us. A packed crowd, the anticipation of seeing the artist, and the atmosphere of a large arena is all part of what makes live events so special. The bigger the show and the more famous the artist, the more interest in the event grows. Cher’s 2019 “Here We Go Again Tour” (not to be confused with her “Living Proof: The Farewell Tour” which concluded in 2005) has already brought in a box office total of $62 million from 48 shows, and the numbers are only going up as tickets continue to sell.

Often, when shows involve world-famous artists, tickets are snatched up almost instantly after going on sale. To give everyone a chance to see their favorite star, many venues have begun limiting the number of tickets you can purchase at a time. Many musicians are demanding this from their promoters too. This limiting can further require that concertgoers present valid IDs, such as a driver’s licenses when entering the event in order to verify that the person entering the event is the same person who bought the ticket. Identity verification is also usually required at venues such as clubs where alcohol is served.

With the most popular shows, there is an entire, separate “business” of buying a large number of tickets and then reselling them at mark-up prices to make money off of other concertgoers. In the United States, ticket resale is a $5 billion industry. It’s been a real problem for artists and ticket sellers alike to keep these ticket scalpers at bay. It is one thing to be able to sell a ticket you have bought in good faith to an event you unexpectedly cannot attend, buying hundreds of tickets to resell them at a profit is an entirely different matter. Certain concerts like Led Zeppelin’s 2007 reunion have decided to sell tickets by ballot to discourage reselling. Ed Sheeran required that certain precautions be taken to ensure everyone had equal access to tickets for his ÷ tour and that ticket re-selling was discouraged. The growing trend to prevent 3rd parties from profiting off a musician’s fanbase by buying and reselling tickets has led to a massive increase in the need for identity verification.

With the need for venues to verify identity in order to admit concertgoers, lines have gotten longer than ever. The one thing no one looks forward to about attending a live event is waiting in line. Americans spend a total of 37 billion hours waiting in line every year, which includes waiting in line to order a burger at Shake Shack as well as waiting in line to get into concerts. At Authenteq we may not be able to speed up the Shake Shack line but we can do something about speeding up identity verification for large events. We all wait a fair amount of time in lines in our daily lives but there’s something about waiting in line for live events that especially amps up your frustration.

Real-time ID Verification To The Rescue

Back in the ’80s, it was common to wait up to 12 hours to see a band like U2 live in concert. Things have improved since then but with recent developments in identity verification technology, the whole process of waiting in line can now be further streamlined. With the use of automated, ID verification at ticket purchase, you can ensure the identity of the ticket buyer and stop ticket touts from abusing the system. This way when you go to a concert all you would have to do to get in is to present an App in your smartphone to be scanned. The App would store your verified ID as well as the purchased ticket as a QR code, for example. By binding together the device, the ticket, and the real-life identity of the ticket owner the right smartphone is all that would be required to enter the event.

With Authenteq’s automated ID verification technology, real-time identity verification is used to quickly ensure a person’s identity in a foolproof way. Authenteq guarantees an identity verification response in less than 60 seconds, with some users able to verify their identity in as little as 10 seconds. Our government-grade facial recognition technology compares the person’s identity document (such as a driver’s license) with a live selfie they take, thus ensuring that the person buying the ticket matches the person the identity document was issued to. We further perform a liveness check on the selfie, proving that it’s of a real person and taken in real-time.

The benefits of using real-time identity verification are multiple and it is a win-win situation for everyone:

  1. Visitors- Visitors will get access to tickets at regular prices rather than having to pay inflated prices to account for ticket scalping. They’ll also have faster and more organized event access, eliminating long lines and the need to be at the venue hours before the actual event.
  2. Artists- No longer will famous artists have to suffer from ticket touts buying up all of their tickets and profiting off their star power. This not only hurts dedicated fans who just want to see their favorite artists in concert but can also hurt the artist’s reputation and can in some instances leave large sections of the audience empty. With automated ID verification, artists can protect their business against reselling platforms and individual ticket scalpers.
  3. Concert Organizers- With easier and more streamlined event access ticket sellers can operate with better logistics which offers the potential for big savings. Without the need to hire excess security and staff to check concert tickets and verify identity, ticket sellers will be able to save on labor costs.

Big events should be exciting and fun, not stressful and boring due to long lines and endless waiting. With Authenteq’s real-time identity verification, you can eliminate the need to wait, streamline concert logistics, save labor costs and offer fans a better way to enjoy their favorite artists.

Authenteq’s real-time identity verification solution can make your next concert a rockin’ success (or a harmonic symphony if that’s more your thing).