Ready for scale: May & June product update

At Authenteq, we’re continuously perfecting our product and services. However, we’ve always been silent about what we’re up to. As the security space is becoming crowded, and the Covid19 pushes the need for further digitalization in the business landscape, we are ready to break the silence and pledge to share our product updates.

After all, great technology is transparent technology! Here’s what we’re up to during May and June:

Building a new and fast infrastructure

Privacy-by-design is our aspiration; however, we noticed that the market is not ready for fully decentralized ID verification and KYC solution. Therefore, we decided to take a step towards building a new system that is built to meet the highest data security standards. Also, the new system is not only faster, but it will also give an opportunity to larger firms that require top-level security to store the data locally. We’re ready to enable our larger customers to scale with ease, while we’ll handle the data security and fraud prevention.

Image compression to decrease the drop-off rate

We understand the importance of your user experience, and therefore, over the last couple of months, we worked on improving our image compression services. With the current set-up, your users can upload their documents and selfies and finish the full onboarding process under 60 seconds.

Benefit from the localization functionality

As an internationally operating organization with various clients across the globe, we understand the importance of language. Therefore, we strive to continuously add more languages to our product. This month we added Russian language support to our Mobile SDK. We now support English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Swedish, and Russian languages! The language detection depends on both your application and the Users phone settings, and we know that this nifty localization-centric functionality will increase your conversion rates.

Simplified API

We want the Authenteq technology to be accessible to any organization that needs a trustworthy partner in navigating the ID authentication and KYC space. That’s why we improved our API and API documentation – to provide your team with a frictionless integration process even when you don’t have a delegated developer on site.

These couple of months enabled us to step back, evaluate our dreams, and take a healthy step forward in rebuilding the product infrastructure. The new infrastructure is future-proof and is ready to grow for scale. 

That’s all for the past two months! The upcoming period will be even more exciting as the new infrastructure will allow for more functionality to ease and enhance your user experience. 

Ready to give it a try and explore what Authenteq has to offer? Start your 30 days trial, get to know your customer, and mitigate risk.