Short, Sweet, and Full of Automation: July Product Update

Last month at Authenteq: don’t have a developer team on-site? We have your back! Last month we wrapped up the building of the new infrastructure that allowed for API simplification, improved security measures, and integration speed. What is more, we added more languages to our service and implemented nifty image compression features to make sure that you can maximize your conversion. And even though we work hard this month, our product update is short, sweet, and full of automation. Here’s what we achieved this month:

Automated flagging 

Automation is the key to successfully scaling internal ID verification and KYC processes. As we want you to become efficient with your time and resources, we decided to automate the flagging process. What does this mean? Instead of your compliance team having to flag suspicious users, our technology does that for you – automatically. This improvement allows for eliminating the negative side of the human factor. Therefore, lean back, save time, and let our AI-powered solution handle the fraudsters for you

Data quick view 

Every click matters, and we’re aware of that. To simplify the dashboard and your daily workflow, we’ve improved dashboard data visualization. Now you can take a glimpse at the user data by hovering over the user account instead of having to view the user information and come back to the main dashboard. 

All onboard 

Remember our old blockchain system – the idea is still extraordinarily futuristic and something we might come back to once the world is ready for privacy-by-design notions. Long story short, we shut it down and migrated the last client to the new system. All of that went hassle-free, and we’re happy to run our services and cater to our customers on one, continuously improving the system. 

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