Trollteq - The end of online trolling

Identity Management to Keep Trolls under Control

In Nordic mythology, trolls are big, dumb, ugly brutes who live under bridges and occasionally emerge to eat the unwary. Sadly, the modern-day namesake is not just a legend, but an obnoxious and hateful reminder of the worst of human instincts when the light of day isn’t properly shone on someone’s identity.

Trolls rely on fake accounts, fake names, fake EVERYTHING to maintain their precious anonymity

The good news is that it is possible with Authenteq’s technology to control and eliminate the capabilities of fake accounts and bots to ruin the fun for everyone.

Self-sovereign electronic ID Requires User Consent for any Use.
Your Identity is Private - Even to Authenteq.

No matter how many troll accounts are deleted by the provider, they still return under a new name or handle and continue their vile behavior, threats and harassment.

With Trollteq, once a user is banned, they are gone for good and cannot re-register under a false name or identity.

Trolls have become a hated and apparently unavoidable part of life on the Internet — but there is a better way beyond just forcing everyone to disclose their true identity. Journalists, whistleblowers and many others, rely on anonymity to do their jobs or civic duty. This is a right we cherish and want to enforce, but when a few ruin the experience for the many, we wanted to find a way to offer anonymity while at the same time enabling someone’s true identity to be known when needed.

young desperate and depressed student woman stress suffering internet bullying victim of social network trolling

The core tech powering Trollteq is based on the Authenteq ID solution, which enables users to create a verified online identity, based on their Gov-ID, in under 90 seconds. Our solution is similar in concept to the national electronic IDs (eIDs) implemented in Norway, Iceland, Estonia or Spain (the first two were led by one of Authenteq co-founders).

But instead of relying on face-to-face audit that requires people to leave their home and travel to a physcial location to sign-up for the eID (as governments do), Authenteq’s disruptive solution relies on state-of-the-art liveness detection, facial recognition, Gov-ID data extraction and verification:
Person ↔ Gov-ID ↔ smartphone binding
This all has end-to-end encryption and is fully GDPR compliant.

The unique combination of facial biometrics and our tamper-evident analyses enables 100% automated online ID assurance to the level that online services need today, incl. banks in most jurisdictions.

Our unique architecture allows us to be GDPR compliant and have the tamper-proof benefits. Any personally identifiable user information is user controlled and stored, creating a truly self-sovereign identity.

online trolling solution self-sovereign ID from Authenteq

When a Troll verifies their identity on a website for example on a blog, the “troll” has to make claims set by the website. Claims can be parts of the identity (name, age, nationality, etc) or just the fact that the person exists a.k.a. is a real person. The claims will be matched against the hashed values and validated.

This process allows limiting of fake accounts and introducing troll control while maintaining anonymity.

Find out how we can help you get control over your online community again!