Verified Identities for Micromobility – the ride just got better

In modern, crowded cities shared Micromobility services are becoming extremely popular. These services include short term rental, using a mobile app or a kiosk, of small, fully or partially human-powered, vehicles such as e-scooters, bikes or e-bikes. The US National Association of City Transportation Officials (Nacto) mentions that in 2018 alone, users took 84 million trips on shared bikes and e-scooters in the US, which was more than double the number of trips taken in 2017. Of these, 38,5 million trips were taken on e-scooters, requiring cities to establish new rules and practices for this type of transportation. Whether renting by the hour or by the day, shared Micromobility services are growing at an exponential rate and expanding to more and more countries and cities every year. It is quite possible that we are seeing the beginning of the end of the personal vehicle era within the city limits. 

But the very nature of sharing services involves a great deal of trust both on the part of the company owning the fleet of vehicles as well as the customers. Companies have to provide account setup and vehicle rental online, without any face-to-face interaction, but they need to ensure that people using their bikes or scooters are eligible to drive (i.e have a valid license). Similarly, due to the nature of their public utilization, customers need to know that the vehicles they’re driving are safe, dependable and properly maintained (for public transportation safety cities require companies/operators to keep their fleet in the best possible condition).  All in all, trust and safety are two of the most important factors in the shared micromobility industry and both are required to provide the customer and the company/operator with a positive experience that leads to a lasting relationship.

How to boost trust and safety in Micromobility

Naturally, people choose operators whom they trust and to get people’s trust, these operators must demonstrate that they care about privacy and security. Research has shown that when people understand that their real-world identity is known they behave more responsibly. Implementing an ID verification for Micromobility services is the most cost-effective way to increases trust in your platform. This trust is increased in two primary ways:

  • People feel more secure knowing that the platform they are renting a vehicle from is only used by people who have also had their real-life identity verified.
  • Real-world identity verification means people will treat your vehicles better, extending their lifetime and decreasing the likelihood of people operating a vehicle that has been made unsafe through misuse.

Additionally, by picking a privacy-by-design focused ID verification solution an operator can demonstrate that they care about customers’ privacy. The result is a strong value statement that can be turned into a competitive differentiator, which, in an increasingly competitive market, can make all the difference.

How does Authenteq’s ID verification solution fit your Micromobility service?

Authenteq provides a fully automated real-life identity verification, scanning an individual’s real-life identity documents and using government-grade facial recognition to match their government-issued ID with a selfie that they took. We use a “liveness” check to ensure that the selfie is of a real individual taken in real-time. This process allows us to verify and match that person’s real-life identity with their proffered identity documents. Authenteq’s ID Verification API is easy to integrate into your own website or native app – the best solution to maintain your company’s brand within the customer’s experience. Authenteq’s quick and easy ID verification process provides you with the ability to ensure the safety of your vehicles and your customers while not burdening them with an arduous verification process. 

The fastest way to securely verify identities

Our identity verification is guaranteed to take less than 60 seconds, most people manage to verify their identity in 20-40 seconds. In addition to this, Authenteq has built its solution from the ground up with privacy by design as a leading principle. This means that any company that chooses Authenteq over other identity providers gets an added benefit: people’s trust in the brand is bolstered by seeing in action that the security and privacy of customers’ personal data, as well as their personal safety, is something the company highly values. We can verify riders quickly while at the same time ensuring their identities are treated with the utmost respect. Authenteq simply provides Real-Time Identity Verification for Micromobility without compromising on security, privacy or usability. 

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